Eco Floristry and Styling

Great excitement to learn new techniques, we are never too old ! recently I went on an eco floristry workshop with Sabine Darrell a well known florist who provides workshops on wedding flower designs and styling and offers great industry knowledge to bring flower designs to life.
Something I am constantly aiming  in my own floristry work is using environmentally friendly products where possible and recycling.
Sabines course covered making a semi arch structure with seasonal foliage’s and beautiful spring flowers without using any floral foam known as oasis to most of us.
Meeting up with other like minded florists we discussed ways within our own businesses of how we have approached eco floristry and also discussed products that are slowly becoming more available to florists through suppliers,  containers and meshes etc.
Something that I also found very helpful was the photography and styling part of the course of your own work. Methods and apps available for mobile phones and using social media.
We finished in the afternoon making urns using containers and practicing to arrange with foliage’s and flowers to create a design.

The photos and styling speak volume’s , creating art , romance and sophistication with individual flowers and foliage’s in different shades . What better way to help  individual professional florists use imagination, seasonality to their advantage.

Thank you to Sabine for a very enjoyable course and helpful advice, humour and your boundless energy with floristry and photography.

Photography by: @sabinedarrell